How will Cognito EODD help to save energy cost for the sanitary ware industry?

Electric operated double diaphragm (EODD) are standard double diaphragm pumps that are driven electrically rather than pneumatically. A relatively new technology in metering application for handling different kinds of fluids, the Cognito EODD pump has an integrated surge suppression that has the ability to stall against back pressure and electric control.

Our EODD pumps are an innovative pumping technology to solve the unique challenges of the sanitaryware industry. The initial investment and the maintenance cost of service parts of EODD pumps are comparatively less than other industrial pumps in the market making a preferred choice.

Due to its compact design and potential to replace multiple pumps, it is widely suitable to save energy cost for the sanitary ware industry. It is highly reliable and has a lower carbon footprint that does not compromise on performance at all.

Applications of EODD Pumps in Sanitaryware:


A glaze is the thin film or glassy coat having 0.1 to 0.2 mm thickness on the surface of the clay products as a result of glazing. The fired glaze is the glossy hygienic surface of the sanitaryware that also gives it the final colour and acts as a protective treatment against weather, sewage and chemicals.

The Process

  • Loading/unloading of Glazes to glazing cabins/Tanks by means of pumps(Commonly AODD) installed in which the glaze is continuously mixed by the same working pump in order to prevent sedimentation.
  • Glaze is applied using manual or automatic spray guns, to give the product color and shiny, smooth finish. AODD pumps are used to atomize the glaze.


A slip is a clay slurry used to produce tiles and other ceramic wares.

The Process

  • Filtered fluids are often recirculated then pumped from storage tanks to mixing tanks using a pump.
  • Fluids are mixed in large mixing tanks in preparation for the final slip casting. Sometimes mixed fluids are pumped to holding tanks before casting using pumps.
  • It is the forming of ceramics by pouring or pumping deflocculated clay slurry into plaster molds. The absorbent plaster pulls water from the slurry and over a period a layer builds up against the mold surface. The slurry is then poured out and within a short time the item shrinks slightly and can be removed from the mold.

For performing Glaze and Slip functions majorly AODD, Peristaltic Pump, SCREW Pumps and Centrifugal Pumps are used in the market. However, there are several challenges of using these pump technologies that hampers the efficiency of the process.

Some of the challenges of using AODD pumps are:

  • High Electricity/Energy Cost
  • Low Flow Rates
  • High Maintenance Cost
  • Highly Abrasives and Viscous solvent
  • Wear and Tear of Diaphragm
  • Pin Holes

How is Cognito EODD Better than AODD?

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps needs a bigger set up that includes Compressor +Air dryer + Reservoir. AODD Pumps have an Inefficient Pneumatic System With Efficiency Of <10% to 15 %. Whereas, Electrically Operated Diaphragm Pumps are a new technology that has an efficiency of 60% To 70%. With EODD Pumps, it is now possible to eliminate use of inefficient expensive air compressors and have more electric energy savings per pump.

Benefits of Cognito EODD pumps to save energy cost for the Sanitaryware industry:

With Cognito EODD pumps deliver innovation and performance as a result of world-class engineering that helps to solve the challenges of the sanitary ware industry.

  • Cost Optimization Less Electricity Consumption – The energy efficient electric drive reduces the energy consumption upto 4 to 5 times compared to traditional AODD pumps.
  • Reliability with Robust and Durable Design – Our EODD pumps have a robust diaphragm which reduces the overall maintenance costs.
  • Sturdy Pump Built Quality – Highly engineered Pump with a robust mechanism with low maintenance for a long-lasting life.
  • Diaphragm Failure Detection Technology – Equipped with an Intelligent Diaphragm Failure Detection and Prevention system this feature of our EODD pump sprevents spillage and reduces downtime.
  • Better Flow Rates – With its upgraded mechanism, it delivers better flow rates at high pressure as compared to other alternatives like AODD pumps.
  • IoT Enabled Technology –Another differentiator that sets Cognito EODD pumps is its IoT enabled pump-monitoring that provides live and historical data on demand from any location worldwide. This feature is designed to remotely track, record and alert users on its key performance indicators like leak detection, stroke rate etc during the process operation. It is configured to provide real-time alerts to indicate any significant change in the operations that may be an indicator of a component failure.The EODD pumps from Cognito are a more eco-friendly approach to the traditional AODD pumps. They are perfect for applications that require low pulsation and are an energy-saving alternative to air operated diaphragm pumps.

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