Best Pumping Solution for Waste Water Treatment

Clean water drives countless industries, from power generation and petrochemicals to food processing and textiles. But before that water reaches you, it undergoes a rigorous purification process. At the heart of this essential purification lies the tireless industrial water treatment pump.

Choosing the right industrial water treatment pump can be daunting. More so because there are a dizzying array of options, like:

  • Centrifugal,
  • Rotary lobe
  • Progressing cavity pumps

But you don’t need to worry! This blog will guide you towards the perfect pumping solution for your specific needs, without any technical jargon.

Demystifying the Industrial Water Treatment Landscape

Industrial water treatment encompasses a vast spectrum of processes, each demanding unique pumping requirements. You might grapple with:

  • High-solids slurries: Removing suspended solids requires pumps adept at handling abrasives without clogging.
  • Aggressive chemicals: Certain processes employ harsh chemicals that necessitate corrosion-resistant pump materials.
  • Variable viscosities: Pumping fluids with fluctuating thickness demands adaptable pumps that maintain efficiency.
  • High flow rates and pressures: Large-scale operations need pumps that can move substantial volumes of water quickly and effectively.

Pumping Champions: EODD Pumps Take Center Stage

EODD Pumps are well-known industrial water treatment pumps with over 80 years of expertise. They deliver reliable and efficient solutions for even the most challenging applications. Their diverse range includes:

Centrifugal pumps

These pumps are ideal for clear water and low-viscosity fluids. They offer high flow rates and energy efficiency.

Self-priming centrifugal pumps

These pumps are perfect for applications with suction lifts. Self-priming pumps eliminate the need for external priming equipment.

Gear pumps

Gear pumps are designed for viscous fluids and slurries. They are known for their exceptional durability and clog resistance.

Progressive cavity pumps

Ideal for shear-sensitive fluids and high-pressure applications, they ensure gentle handling and consistent flow.

Beyond sheer variety, EODD Pumps differentiates itself through

  • Material excellence: EODD utilises robust materials like stainless steel and super duplex alloys to withstand harsh chemicals and abrasives.
  • Engineering innovation: Advanced features like wear-resistant impellers and optimised hydraulic designs enhance efficiency and minimise downtime.
  • Customisation options: EODD offers bespoke pump configurations to perfectly suit your specific water treatment needs.

Cognito and beyond: IDEX, a Water Treatment Powerhouse

EOOD Pumps is just one shining star in the vast constellation of IDEX, a globally recognised leader in fluid and motion control technologies. IDEX’s Water Treatment division boasts a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including:

Magnetic drive pumps

Eliminating the need for a shaft seal, these pumps prevent leaks and offer superior containment for hazardous fluids.

Dosing pumps

Precisely injecting precise amounts of chemicals for optimal water treatment.

Mixers and agitators

Ensuring thorough blending of chemicals and efficient treatment processes.

Instrumentation and controls

Providing real-time data and control over your pumping system for optimised performance.

With IDEX’s integrated approach, you get not just a pump but a complete water treatment system tailored to your specific needs.


Choosing the right industrial water treatment pump is about finding the perfect balance between function, efficiency, and durability. With EODD Pumps and the support of IDEX’s integrated solutions, you can confidently face any water treatment challenge. So, embark on your pumping odyssey today, armed with the knowledge and technology to make a difference. Remember, clean water is the ultimate reward, and the right pump is your key to victory.

Choosing the right pump for your industrial water treatment operation is more than just about functionality. It’s an investment in sustainability, efficiency, and ultimately, the future of clean water. By partnering with trusted manufacturers like EODD Pumps and leveraging the expertise of IDEX, you can ensure your water treatment process runs smoothly, efficiently, and sustainably.

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