Benefits of Cognito EODD Pumps for Filter Press Application

A Filter Press is an equipment used in liquid/solids separation using pressure filtration wherein the slurry pumped in the press is dewatered under pressure. Every Filter Press is designed on the basis of volume and type of slurry that needs to be dewatered.

The water and wastewater industries often make use of pumps in order to send slurry to a filter press for the separation of solids and liquids. Most commonly used pump used for the Filter Press process is Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps or Progressive Cavity Pump.

The AODD Pumps for filter press application are a compact unit that is installed directly near the filter press. They can perform in filter press applications because of their simple design and method of operations.

However, there are various challenges while using AODD for filter press.

The efficiency and stability of AODD pumps is totally dependent on its compressed air supply. The compressed supply must be at the same or higher pressure than the fluid to be pumped. This leads to High Electricity/Energy Cost.

AODD and Progressive cavity pumps have considerable maintenance cost, as these technologies face challenges like failure of diaphragm, and wear & tear of stator and rotor respectively.

To provide a solution to these challenges, Cognito has introduced a new technology of Electrically Operated Diaphragm Pumps. The electric diaphragm pumps are basically designed based on the AODD; the major difference is the use of electrical energy from a motor causing the pump action.

The are numerous benefits of using the Cognito EODD Pumps for Filter Press Application such as:

  1. The Cognito EODD are Sturdy and Robust Pumps that are designed to handle High Viscosities and Abrasive Fluids.
  2. The major benefit of the Electrically Operated Diaphragm Pumps is that there is no compressorno air required that means lower cost of investment and less maintenance.
  3. Cost Optimization is a key feature of our EODD Pumps as they are designed to reduce cost by eliminating unnecessary pump failures and improving energy efficiency.
  4. The system has a Dual Seal Arrangement to contain oil in the mechanism chamber for zero contamination even if diaphragm fails.
  5. The Cognito EODD have Unique Diaphragm Design that is engineered, tested and imported for abrasive applications.
  6. With an Intelligent Power Failure Detection System, EODD pumps are equipped with leak detection sensors to save pump & process fluid coming out of the pump.

If you do not want to invest in a large air compressor system, then shifting to Cognito Electrically Operated Diaphragm Pumps is the right solution for you for filter press application. The low maintenance cost, operational efficiency, electricity consumption, reduced leakage failures are the core advantages of the EODD that makes it a better alternative over the traditional AODD.

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