Challenges of AODD pumps for transfer of effluent and how is Cognito EODD beneficial?

The handling, transfer and disposal of industrial effluent is always challenging, more so if it is coming from chemical plants as this means the presence of non-biodegradable and harmful materials. This means the wastewater needs to be treated before it can be disposed of into the public sewerage system.

Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps are mainly used in challenging applications like transfer of effluent due to their ability to handle high viscosity and solid laden fluids. The AODD Pumps are used in industrial and wastewater treatment plants and effluent transfer processes as they can safely transfer industrial liquids, solid laden fluids and slurries.

Although AODD are the most preferred worldwide for transfer of effluent from tank to reactors, there are several challenges of using pneumatic diaphragm pumps for effluent transfer and treatment processes. Some of the most common challenges that are commonly observed are:

  • Use of compressor as the efficiency of the AODD pumps totally depends on the compressed air supply which makes it an expensive technology.
  • With the use of a compressor, the compressed air supply should be at the same or higher level than the effluent to be transferred leading to high energy consumption and thus high electricity cost.
  • Another challenge of using AODD is effluent transfer is the high maintenance cost as they face wear and tear of the diaphragm over the years.

To bring an effective alternative that can provide solutions to all the above challenges, Cognito offers a new technology – the Electrically Operated Diaphragm Pumps. The EODD Pumps are standard double diaphragm pumps that are driven electrically and pneumatically.

There are various ways in which Cognito EODD Pumps prove beneficial for the effluent transfer process.

  1. The EODD is an innovative technology that is highly beneficial to solve the pain points of the effluent transfer process with the traditional pneumatic pumps. The major advantage is no compressor required which means less investment cost and no airline leakage.
  2. It is highly cost effective as the cost of air compressors are saved and it can potentially replace multiple pumps. This saves the energy cost as well as maintenance cost to a great extent.
  3. The heavy duty service factor and heavy reliability factor of the EODD pumps with a robust mechanism ensure long years of maintenance free life.
  4. The unique diaphragm of the EODD pumps are designed, engineered and tested for abrasive application.
  5. Another strong benefit of the EODD pumps is that the pumps are equipped with leak detection sensors to save pump and process fluid coming out of the pump.

Choosing the right pump for challenging industrial applications like effluent transfer is extremely important to get the desired results. The low investment and maintenance cost, leak detection and prevention, unique diaphragm design, reduced wear and tear are the core benefits of the EODD pumps over conventional pump technologies.

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